The haze is floating among fogs and salty water. Tens of boats with colourful paints are trying to race with others. Five, or more, passengers sit in row in a narrow space of the boat. With a binocular or camera hanging on their necks, they are competing with the waves.

It’s almost morning, and the sun is still hiding among skies. Only rays are escaping and reflected on the water. I am riding on a blue-sky-like boat of Pak Nyoman with three other passengers. We had promised with him at the day before that we would leave the shore about 05:00 AM. And, we are in the middle of other visitors on boat to get as closer as possible to the dolphins in the bay of Singaraja, Bali.

Among the haze, the captain of the boat is trying to see through for some dolphins who are coming to the surface. After he sees a group of dolphins, he accelerates the boat to get closer before other boats. Then, the dolphins are swimming under. The water is quiet, but the eagle eyes of the man who takes us is not stopping in scanning the horizon for other possibility of dolphins.

Travelling to the northern side of Bali, approximately 4 hours ride from Denpasar, we will reach Buleleng District. Then fews minutes more to reach Lovina Beach at Anturan. If you are coming in the afternoon, you can find some boat owners, or middlemen, to offer you a sail to see groups of dolphins in their natural habitat. If you are agree with the price, you should wake up quite early then to meet up at the sea shore.



In the Lovina Beach, the boat owners will persuade the visitors to use their services to experience the encounter with dolphins in their natural environment. They are ready in the very early morning, and the best way to see the dolphins are in the morning.


The boat usually transports four to five passengers maximally. And the boat will take you around the ocean to encounter the dolphins within three to four hours before noon.


In the morning time, tens of boats are trying to see the surfacing dolphins. Then they will race to the signified spots to see group of dolphins closely.


With sharp eyes, the boat driver will seeks in the ocean surface for the dolphins. They are unpredictable creatures. Then it depends on the boat driver to take the passengers closer to the dolphins.


The boats will race with others to the surfacing dolphins. It depends more on luck, because sometimes the dolphins are diving down before the boats are arriving on the area.


During the trips, the visitors will experience with the dolphins in open sea. And it is possible to see the group of dolphins in very close distance. It only needs luck and sharp eyes of the boat drivers.


The surfacing dolphins in their natural habitat are the greatest experience that visitors can enjoy in Lovina Beach. And for some people, this encounter is the first time experience.
The local people also respect the creatures in this area. And also the main source income for their families.