It was in 2000. During the match against Arema Malang at Gajayana Stadium, the supporters of Aremania heroically shouted songs to support their local football club. It had made pressures and stresses among players of Makassar Football Club (Persatuan Sepak Bola Makassar/PSM). Furthermore, it also made them playing nervously and mistakenly. And fortunately, PSM was scoring draw point at that time.

With this occasion, by learning from the spirits of Aremania, the players of PSM asked the supporters in Makassar to take learning and examples of Arema Malang’s supporters in supporting their football club continuously in any away and home matches. Then the media in Makassar heard about it and put it into their headlines.

It was not easy to introduce a new way in supporting PSM, it must coordinated some previously established supporters groups in Makassar such as Ikatan Suporter Makassar, Suporter Hasanuddin, and Suporter Mappanyukki. But those groups were not willing to be united, only tens supporters from small group called as Suporter Cilallang showed their interests. Then, these new supporters were trained by Major Haristanto of Pasoepati Solo in Mini Stadium of Banta-Bantaeng, Makassar.

After gained supported, those supporters were acclaimed the new name of PSM supporters group, The Macz Man, on February 1st, 2001. The name was the abbreviation of Macazzart Mania, or literally translated into the Makassarese. And the first action was during the home match of PSM against Persijatim Solo FC in Indonesian League 2001.

Both of home and away match, The Macz Man supporters are attending the PSM’s matches. Now, this supporter group has been acknowledged as one of the biggest football supporter groups in Indonesia. They are significant to any matches, as the twelfth players in the field.