Samarinda / Kalimantan

Makroman: The People who Resist Seduction and Anger of Arjuna

With their families members, they are unruly with money seductions and terrors of coal mining


The island of Kalimantan is the largest coal producing region in Indonesia, and East Kalimantan Province itself is the biggest producer for this mineral resource products. With this potential, furthermore, the local government issued about 1,448 IUPs (Izin Usaha Pertambangan/Mining Business Licenses) and the national government issued a total of 33 PKP2Bs (Perjanjian Karya Pengusahaan Pertambangan Batubara/Coal Mining Contract of Work). Statistics show that the width of exploited areas with IUPs is approximately 5.4 million hectares and 1.8 million hectares for PKP2Bs of 12,7 million hectares of East Kalimantan Province area. Those widths do not include other licenses of commodities exploitation such as IUPHHK-Kayu (Izin Usaha Pengusahaan Sektor Perkayuan/Forest Timber Product Exploitation Permit), mineral and gas resources, Industrial Plantation Forest, and Palm-Oil Plantation. Generally, it is about 70% of the province is the area of coal mining!


The coal mining companies also interrupt the fertile and productive rice fields and housing complexes. One of the area is a village of Sambutan Sub-district, Samarinda City. Makroman as the people call it. Two hours riding from the capital city of East Kalimantan Province.

It is not surprising then to find a coal mining area is located near the rice field and fresh water fish ponds. With a huge capital, the coal mining companies try all their bests to transform Makroman into exploited area. But, the seductive persuasion and terrors can not loose the fights of people in depending their livelihoods. The people in Makroman cultivate the lands for rice as main income, and fresh water fish ponds for additional resources.


Among those families who are standing and depending the territory, Nurbaeti and Baharuddin are two of them. With their families members, they are unruly with money seductions and terrors of coal mining company. The only reason that they kept, “The lands had given us life. The rice and fresh water provided us income. If they are transformed into coal mining, even the money from company is tempting by selling or renting the lands, but it is only for temporary. After that, how do those peeled lands provide us social protection and income source?”

Samarinda / Indonesia
The fertile rice fields of Makroman are targeted by coal mining company to be rented, or to be sold, in order to exploit the coal resources.
"For unlimited period. we will keep our rice fields for not being exploited by CV. Arjuna. The coal mining only provides us temporary benefits. But only for several years we can live from the compensation money. Then, how can we get life if we dont posses the land anymore?" Said Nurbaeti.
Nurbaeti's land is the last border of the people's fight in Makroman for not being gained by CV. Arjuna. This border is only few meters from her house.
Next to Nurbaeti's territory, CV. Arjuna has exploited the land for coal resources. Slowly, the embankments are getting sliding into her lands. And the plantations in her garden are dying due some reasons.
Nurbaeti and her husband, Komari, with her children are standing to keep their lands from CV. Arjuna to be transformed into coal mining.
Nurbaeti and her husband, Komari, is one the families in Makroman who resist from seduction and angers from CV. Arjuna to sell, or rent, their lands for coal mining.
Baharuddin is also one of the families in Makroman who resist from CV. Arjuna. The reason is simple, the family income is resourcing from the lands that they cultivate. "With fresh water fishes and seasonal plantations, my family can gain livelihoods!"
Even the income from fresh water fish ponds is decreasing due to polluted water from coal mining waste, Baharuddin and his family members still can gain income sources from his lands.
Samarinda / Indonesia

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