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Canning Punishment in Aceh

In front of Grand Mosque of Bireuen, Aceh, after the noon praying, the sharia law violators are punished with nine lashes.


As Muslim majority area in Indonesia, Aceh is enforcing Sharia customs and law as Qanun Jinayat (behaviour-governing bylaw), aside of national positive law system, for any Muslims and non-Muslims in Aceh to follow these Islamic legal code. Violations of sharia include drinking liquor, khalwat (affectionate contact between an unmarried couple), gambling, and not wearing headscarf or wearing tight pants by women.


In front of Grand Mosque of Bireuen, Aceh, after the noon praying, the sharia law violators are punished with nine lashes. Before the caning punishment is performed, the sharia police officers secure the area from underage children and keep the distance from spectators and stage. The violators are punished after sharia court proofs that they are gambling by predicting certain buses names that pass the main road.

By using small rattan with approximately 1.5 meters length, the secret-tormentor in full-covered suit will perform the caning punishment after the sharia police announces the names of violators and their violations to the audiences and in front of the high ranked government officers. Beforehand, the medical practitioners will check the physical and psychological conditions of the violators before the caning, then change the suit into white uniforms to the violators.


After being slashed at their backs, the violators will be escorted to the sharia police bus to be checked and healed by medical practitioners by using traditional anti-welling oil.

In front of Grand Mosque of Bireuen, Aceh, usually after Friday praying, the canning punishment will be implemented to the violators.
The government officers and guests are invited to witness the canning punishment in front of Grand Mosque of Bireuen, Aceh.
In meanwhile, the sharia policewomen are guarding the area before the canning punishment. No underage children are allowed to be in the punishment venue.
Then, a guarded minibus is entering the area with the violators. They are guarded to enter the mosque hall.
Before the canning, the medical practitioners are checking their physical and psychological conditions well-being to be punished with slashed.
The sharia policeman shows the canning that will be used to slash the violators. It's an inch diameter with approximately 150 cm length.
After the violators are eligible to be slashed, they will change their clothes with white shirt and black trousers. One by one, they will be called by the announcer to enter the stage.
On the stage, their violations of sharia law are announced, and number of slashes they will receive.
In full covered suit, the executioner will perform the punishment.
After being slashed, the violators will be rechecked by the medical practitioners and heal them with anti-welling herbal oil.

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