Armin Hari, born in Pinrang, South Sulawesi on 8 September 1978, is a photographer who combines photographic technique with experience in community empowerment. The result is photographs that convey strong messages about social realities. For his diligent efforts in the world of photography and social movements, Armin Hari received the 2011 Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award (HIPA) with the theme Love of the Earth: International Photo Contest, First Winner (International) in “Love of The Earth” Category. This followed a number of other awards in different countries such as Bangladesh, Ukraine, Australia, The Philippines, United States, Germany, The Netherlands, etc.

With his extensive experience in the world of social movements through various actions and research projects, both while studying in Makassar and working for INSIST in Yogyakarta, Armin Hari consistently places the subjects of his photographs as sources of information and as partners whom he deeply respects, and he protects their rights as sources of information.

Even while completing his education in English Literature at Hasanuddin University, Makassar, he was already active in social movements. Together with several friends, he formed Ininnawa, a study group involved in efforts for intellectual enhancement through reading in or translating from English (1999-2002). He has assisted a number of researchers, both Indonesian and foreign (especially from Japan) who work on development issues such as the environment, education, HIV/AIDS, and gender, and is active in community organizing. Since his student days, he has been active as a book translator, including Susan Bolyard Millar’s work Pernikahan Bugis (Bugis Weddings), which was published by Ininnawa in December 2009.

Together with senior researcher Roem Topattimasang, Armin Hari has produced several books with his photos as the main illustrations, including “Melawan Ketergantungan, Kebijakan Pangan dan Pengalaman Pengorganisasian Tiga Desa (Fighting Dependence: Food Policy and Organization Experience in Three Villages)”, INSISTPress, Jogjakarta, Indonesia, September 2011. In 2012, together with senior researchers Lies Marcoes, Roem Topattimasang and Kharisma Nugroho, Armin Hari presented photographs of the world of education through the photo essay book “Images of Hope: BOS Training and Indonesia’s School System,” published by AusAID and the Ministry of Education and Culture. And in 2014, with Lies Marcoes and Anne Lockley, Armin Hari contributed his photographs to a book which was entitled as “A Journey Against Defeat: Narratives of Women in Rejecting Poverty”.

In some occasions, Armin Hari spends his time in documenting the gender related issues, environment, international refugees, and several personal projects.